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Finbarr McCarthy

Hi Im Finbarr

This is how I L.E.A.D.

I spend the majority of my time studying macro trends at the intersection of business and technology. My objective is to understand all the major components at a strategic level and to ensure I am intimately familiar with the underlying technologies. I have of course always found this topic fascinating even though it was perhaps considered to be a particularly “geeky niche” until recently. As well as building and leading global technology teams for many years, I have also gained considerable practical experience starting and running companies myself.

I love bringing fresh thoughts to meetings and discussions. With the current pace of technological advancement, there are many new solutions to age-old problems that are sometimes not immediately apparent, and this is where I help the most. Rather than viewing digital disruption as a threat, I aim to get people excited by the many new opportunities it presents. I feel this is a particularly valuable skill for everyone to develop because the pace of technological change is increasing rapidly.

At a practical level, I have significant hands-on software development experience, and as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, I helped many organisations with both Cloud deployments and architecting sustainable and scalable business solutions in the Cloud.


Of course it’s all about delivery. I am a keen supporter of both “The Lean Startup” movement and Agile methodologies. In addition to bringing the business users to the project, the iterative approach and tight feedback loops are extremely useful ways of avoiding issues that typically stymie traditional projects.

If you want to continue the conversation with me, get in touch.

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect